Here's what my clients have to say about working with me!

Here's What My Clients Have to Say about Working with Me

Jeannine, a white woman with short brown hair, smiles at the camera

Jeannine A.

Amanda has brought so much skill as a facilitator and insight regarding the emotional barriers people have to journaling. Self reflection is so vital to developing emotional intelligence, resilience and wellbeing in healthcare and Amanda has provided the expertise and compassion to help build EQ in frontline caregivers. Amanda understands emotional resistance, negative self-talk, and all the excuses people make when they can't find the courage to deeply self examine. She gently guides them passed all the noise and helps them settle in.

Amanda, a white woman in a red shirt and wearing glasses, smiles into the camera

Amanda D.

Journaling with Amanda helped me take the “supposed to” out of journaling and let it be messy and surprising. It helped me connect with myself and find room to converse with and wrestle with ideas and concepts. I realized I could start with a prompt like “How am I feeling today?” or “What feels important today?” and those were enough to get the ball rolling. I feel like my journal is a place I can sit down to have a conversation with myself and check in. Amanda helped me feel comfortable with the idea of talking to myself and giving myself room to express what I was feeling.

Pippa, a woman with long blonde hair, gives an excited smile to the camera

Pippa H.

Amanda helped me to really maximize the potential in my journaling, turning it from a random exercise that I knew made me feel good but was sporadic and not very intentional to a practice that benefits my health, my family life and relationships, my business and my hobbies and me-time.Honestly, working with Amanda is life changing, she creates magic from journaling and is a warm and nourishing person to spend time with.

Emily, a woman with long brown hair, wears a yellow t-shirt and smiles at camera

Emily C.

Amanda often talks about the magic of journaling and while I certainly have experienced the magic of journaling by myself, it's nothing compared to the MAGIC of the social journaling Amanda facilitates. I joined Amanda's journaling group because I wanted some accountability around my journaling practice. I received this and so much more. Not only did journaling with Amanda and the group shift my relationship to writing, but also I connected with some amazing people on a surprisingly deep level. Amanda knows just how to hold space for a group like this. I think SHE is magic!